Movable Python  v.2.5

Movable Python is a portable distribution of Python for Windows capable of running of a USB stick.

JumpBox for the Movable Type Blogging System  v.1.1.5

Movable Type is a powerful, multi-user blogging platform.


Dreamweaver extension for Movable Type  v.0.5

Dreamweaver extension for Movable Type (http://www.

Movable Firefox Button  v.1.1

Move Firefox Button is a Firefox add-on, can move Firefox button to anywhere you want. It also makes it available in Full Screen mode. This extension is very light weight and allows you to play with the Firefox button.Requirements: *


The library allows to create grid with movable and resizable columns, changable title and data background and text colors. No MFC dependencies - the library is WTL/ATL/STL based, therefore small and quick.


This game builds a new genre among puzzle games. New game mechanics is the best surprise in this game: - game board is movable part of the game - tokens inside the completed set are moving from path to path instead of from field to the next

Tic Tac Files

We modernized an ancient thinking game for you check Tic Tac Files out NOW! Click and drag: token is movable inside of its belonging row or column. Yin Yangs effect indicates that token set has successfully completed. Aim of the

GMSI.NET NumericLed  v.2.0

This component uses the seven-segment LED protocol. Over 50 properties, it can display alphabetic characters A through F, any numeric character, a movable decimal point, and an optional sign value ( or -).

Shock Desktop 3D  v.0.5

Shock Desktop 3D offers the possibility of changing the traditional flat aspect of a PC desktop and make program icons appear with a 3D look and movable. The user desktop becomes a 3D framework image where program icons can be placed and moved.

U5ME Operator Client  v.2 1

U5Me enables you to create your movable live chat button in any forums, blogs, auction sites, jobs search sites(or resumes), and your own site. Any Internet users can chat with you by visiting your u5me url: .

Screen Saver Liberator  v.1.0

Now you can view your favorite Screen Saver AND use your computer with Screen Saver Liberator. Easy to use - runs screen savers in a movable and resizable window, or on the Windows desktop - BEHIND all other programs!

Aztec Mind 2  v.1.0

In ancient Aztec, you must navigate the sacred piece out of the tomb! Try to beat your time and the number of moves. Hurry! Use the mouse to slide any movable stones. The goal is to move the sacred piece out via the bottom left corner exit.

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